On Ringo Lake: Part Two

Before I started on Part 2 of the mystery, I remembered that my triangle rulers were slippery.  My favorite way to add grips to my rulers is with the Nexcare Flexible Clear medical tape.  I love that I can tear it to the size I need.


ORL Part 2 the start

Here I’ve added a small strip to the top of my triangle.   On my Easy Angle, I added tape to the front and back to allow flipping the ruler while cutting.  The Clear tape makes it easy to see the lines I need to use.



6% of the goal achieved and the rest cut waiting on assembly.  Not looking forward to all the trimming – but my personal goal is to be more accurate with this quilt.

ORL Part 2 the parts


Last week was a busy one for me, the pieces sat like this until Sunday when I made time to start piecing.  I sat down and paired up the pieces … my love of office supplies shines thru.

The clipboard holding my 8.5 x 12.5 ruler with the grippers up holding all the pieces. As I was working I thought a piece of sandpaper would work really well too.

ORL Part 2 the finish

I also love Sort Kwik – it makes separating the pieces much easier.  Being in the midwest in the winter my hands are usually dry and the pieces just stick.  With this it’s easy to fan them apart.

By Sunday evening all of my flying geese were finished and pressed.  I broke the process into several steps, allowing myself time to run errands and watch a movie between them.  It worked well for me as sometimes the monotony of piecing gets boring.

Author: BlumenSew

A comfy, cozy, and funky spot. That pretty much sums up my life. My home is definitely comfy, cozy, and funky. Crafting has always been party of my life, starting when I was 8 and my mom taught me how to sew. I made sew many wallets (really just a pocket) out of her polyester and corduroy scraps that first year. I really wanted to make Barbie dresses but she only let me help pick out the fabric and accents. Seems like I've dabbled in most every craft and found several loves. In the past I've made my fair share of crochet blankets, made way to many scrapbooks and took so many pictures. Now I've settled mostly on piecing quilts and knitting. I'm still trying to learn to love the actual quilting! Life is never slow at our home, we have three lively labs (black, yellow (white), and yellow (red)), I refer to them as Team BEC.

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