On Ringo Lake: Part 3

With this years mystery I challenged myself to finish each part before I start the next.  Otherwise I end up with a few of each and never know what I really need to do without reading all the directions again.

After finishing Part 2 up on Sunday, I figured out how many strips I needed and set out cutting. ….


I made 3 that night to make sure they were coming out correctly.

Monday I spent time cutting all my rectangles and a few of the triangles.

Tuesday I pieced one side of 12 pieces.

Wednesday I had dinner plans with friends – no sewing time.

Today I’m busy with work and a Christmas party after.

The forecast shows more sewing time this weekend.  I can’t wait.

Shared on Quiltville Mystery Link-up Part 3

Author: BlumenSew

A comfy, cozy, and funky spot. That pretty much sums up my life. My home is definitely comfy, cozy, and funky. Crafting has always been party of my life, starting when I was 8 and my mom taught me how to sew. I made sew many wallets (really just a pocket) out of her polyester and corduroy scraps that first year. I really wanted to make Barbie dresses but she only let me help pick out the fabric and accents. Seems like I've dabbled in most every craft and found several loves. In the past I've made my fair share of crochet blankets, made way to many scrapbooks and took so many pictures. Now I've settled mostly on piecing quilts and knitting. I'm still trying to learn to love the actual quilting! Life is never slow at our home, we have three lively labs (black, yellow (white), and yellow (red)), I refer to them as Team BEC.

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